Disinfection with ozone water

Today, ozone as a disinfectant is widely used to increase safety and quality. It is a naturally occurring element that is safe for humans when dissolved in water, yet kills 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, molds, and various microorganisms.


The oxygen content of the air or tap water can be safely converted to ozone and it is highly soluble in water. When applied to surfaces, ozone water effectively destroys various pathogens due to the high oxidation factor of ozone.

The oxygen content of the air is safely converted to ozone.

Ozone dissolved in water interacts with pathogens.

Ozone destroys the cell wall of the pathogen and destroys it.

Oxygen and clear water remain after the reaction.

It is thus a modern, chemical-free disinfection process, where at the end of the disinfection process there is nothing but pure water and oxygen that can be reused.


Today, the most efficient technology used in food processing and beverage production is the so-called Clean-in-Place (CIP). This is a closed process in which a recirculation solution is used for cleaning and disinfection, a process that can be accomplished automatically without disassembling the equipment to be disinfected.

Ozone technology represents a novel technological approach compared to traditional methods with significantly lower water, chemical and energy consumption, and thus significantly lowers cost levels.


The essence of the technology is to carry out the rinsing phases with water with an appropriate ozone concentration, and since the use of ozone does not involve residual chemicals, separate chemical disinfection and subsequent final rinsing can be performed in a single step.


The benefits of the ozone CIP system can be seen in the following areas:

  • energy saving,
  • savings due to reduced water consumption,
  • disinfectant savings,
  • productivity expansion,
  • improving wastewater quality,
  • reduction in the amount of alkaline and acidic cleaning agents.


With the help of ozone disinfection, you can create a clean and healthy environment in your home, and the chemicals used in the household can be replaced by ozone water, which has a much stronger efficiency and is completely harmless to health.

A natural, chemical-free solution for cleaning your home, on virtually any surface that is not damaged by water. For example:

  • In the bathroom, in the toilet
  • On moldy, fungal surfaces
  • Kitchen worktops
  • When rinsing food ingredients
  • When disinfecting children's toys
  • When watering houseplants
  • For pet hygiene

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