Air disinfection with ozone generator

Ozone is a gaseous substance that finds its way from the floor to the ceiling into the smallest gaps and cracks. Wherever it goes, it is guaranteed to leave no microorganisms, fungi, viruses or bacteria behind.


With the help of our ozone generators fixed to the ventilation system or to the retrofitted pipe network, we achieve a permanent disinfecting effect. Our equipment is provided with a monitoring system, so we can maintain a predetermined, continuous ozone concentration. In places where several people are constantly present, the exposure time of the disinfection increases with the ozone level kept below the health limit, but its disinfecting effect remains constant! The versatility of the ANNIHILATOR system marketed by NEUTROZONE can be a good solution in places where many people turn around every day for extended periods of time.



More than 95% of commercial ozone generators pose an extraordinary risk!

The amount of ozone concentration that can be produced from the air always depends on the oxygen content, temperature and humidity of the air, so:

  • in an oversized air space, an undercapacitated ozone generator will not disinfect properly
  • an overcapacity ozone generator in a small space can cause poisoning

In contrast, the amount of ozone that can be produced can be controlled and measured on each of the ANNIHILATOR equipment sold by NEUTROZONE.

amount of ozone



Our ANNIHILATOR devices are equipped with an automatic air drying device, so the ozone generating unit always produces ozone from dry air with the same humidity. Our specialists adjust the level of ozone concentration required for permanent disinfection of an airspace to the health limit set by the EU

The dry air is not supplied by a fan but by a pulsating pump, so the amount of ozone leaving corresponds to the set amount and is unchanged.

Ozone is produced in closed, special glass tubes that are many times more efficient than ceramic (uncontrolled quality) systems.

The manufacturer guarantees these parts for 10 years.

10-year warranty!

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