Ozone disinfection

The top of disinfection procedures is ozone disinfection. It is effective both in air and on surfaces, leaving nothing but sterile, air and water free of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Ozone is a naturally occurring element that is the most effective and reliable disinfectant in killing viruses, fungi and bacteria. Its high oxidation characteristics far exceed those of the chemicals currently used, and their efficiency is many times higher.

It destroys pollutants during an oxidation reaction, and unstable ozone becomes stable oxygen. Chemical disinfectants are not required during treatment, making them a much more environmentally friendly and efficient choice than traditional solutions.

Ozone has the potential to replace the chemicals currently in use. Ozone is a powerful broad-spectrum agent that is effective against active bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, bacterial and fungal spores by attacking cell walls due to its high oxidation characteristic (2.07 V). This oxidation index far exceeds the oxidation value of the chemicals currently used.

  1. Computer generated image of a bacterial cell
  2. The ozone molecule comes into contact with the wall of the bacterium
  3. Ozone penetrates and opens a hole in the bacterial wall
  4. Effect of ozone on the cell wall
  5. Bacterial cell after contact with ozone molecules.
  6. Destruction of the bacterium after encountering ozone. (cell disruption)

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